European Week Eindhoven 2009

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European Week Eindhoven 2009

от Jantex » Сря Фев 04, 2009 6:06 pm

The European Week Eindhoven (EWE) is the biggest European student event of its kind. It is being organised biennially by students of Eindhoven. About 450 students from all over Europe will gather here to experience a challenging and eventful week!

During the week, all participants will take part in a conference program. This includes attending lectures by prominent speakers, participating in interactive discussion workshops, and much more.

Next to this, an exciting cultural program will take place throughout the week. The participants can enjoy a cultural festival in the city centre, visit The Hague and party along with fellow students from Eindhoven at the renowned "Auditorium Party", held at the heart of the university itself!

The organisation of the European Week Eindhoven will provide you with a free week in which you can eat, sleep and attend conferences, however you have to pay for your trip to the Netherlands yourself.

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Deadline for applications: 18 February
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