Model NATO - Lviv, Ukraine 2009

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Model NATO - Lviv, Ukraine 2009

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DATE 25th March – 27th March 2009
LOCATION Lviv, Ukraine

ORGANIZERS Institute of Ukrainian Studies


Model NATO Lviv-2009 “60th Anniversary of NATO: Ukraine's Perspective of Common Security” is taking part for the first time in Ukraine.

Model NATO - Lviv 2009 gives an opportunity to learn more about NATO and its goal activities. Working in committees, considering different important questions and finding solutions provide profound understanding of what is NATO among youth. It will give a great experience, impression, and knowledge to all participants


If you would like to become a delegate for the Model NATO Lviv -2009 please,
1. fill in the application form( At the end of the document)
2. send your CV
3. write essay in English on the topic “60th Anniversary of NATO: Ukraine’s Perspective of Common Security”
The application form, CV and essey should to be sent to

Deadline for the application submission is: 15th of March 2009,
but the applications will be process on the first come first served basis.

There is no participation fee.
We cover accommodation and food.
We also cover travel expenses for participants from Ukraine (the cheapest means of transport).
For participants from Abroad we do not cover travel and visa expenses

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