International Student Week in Belgrade 2009

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International Student Week in Belgrade 2009

от Jantex » Пет Фев 27, 2009 4:16 pm

The third International Student Week in Belgrade - ISWiB 2009, will be held from 9th to 16th August 2009 in the capital of Serbia. This year's conference motto is "Challenge of Changes".
Two hundred students from all parts of Europe will gather in Belgrade to participate various educational, cultural and entertaining activities - interactive workshops, lectures, panel discussions, as much as cultural events and parties. Participants will be given a chance to exchange their opinions and attitudes with their European colleagues and eminent experts on some of the most interesting contemporary issues.
Applicants are offered to join one of the ten workshops: Art and Culture, Environmental Protection, Economics, Health, Human Rights, Media, Society, Youth Activism, Photography and Filmmaking.
Eligible to apply for ISWiB 2009 are all European students (undergraduate, recent graduate and postgraduate) and all students from non-European countries studying in Europe in the moment of application. All fields of study are welcome. Applicants must be fairly good in both oral and written English. All who apply must be 18 years old by the time the festival begins, as well as registered students at one of the European universities.
Participation Fee is 50 Euros for foreign participants and 25 Euros for the participants from Serbia. The fee covers food, accommodation and workshop materials. Travel expenses to and from Serbia, visa expenses (if participant need one to enter Serbia), as well as the personal expenses and pocket money must be covered by participants. ISWiB 2009 and its organizers do not provide any travel and financial support.

Application deadline
is April 15th, 2009.
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