Model European Union 2009 in Strasbourg

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Model European Union 2009 in Strasbourg

от Jantex » Пет Фев 27, 2009 4:07 pm

Model European Union 2009 (MEU 2009) is one of the most challenging simulations of the European Union (EU) that one can experience so far, a project that is going to bring together more than 100 young Europeans in the European Parliament – Strasbourg, France in spring 2009. For one week, participants will have the opportunity to get familiar with the EU, in a setting which is a genuine projection of the reality.

The main purpose of the conference is the simulation of the EU‘s decision making process, including the debates within the European Parliament and the Council of the EU.

The conference will be held for four days during which the participants will be in the roles of:
• the ministers of the EU member states - assuming the role of a nation's government official in the EU's Council of Ministers;
• the members of the European Parliament - which belong to various fractions and represent different countries.

They debate current issues on the European agenda, such as environment and European Elections;

Other participants play the roles of:
• Lobbyists, trying to influence the politicians. Lobbyists defend special interests, mostly those of big companies. Considering they are always up-to-date, being able to provide very fresh news, they are the ones to approach for any exchange of information.
• Journalists, who inform about anything conference related

Participation Fee: € 100 ALL INCLUSIVE!
You just need to pay your flight ticket. ... 637&ref=ts
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