Scholarship+Intern for EasternEuropean Students in Germany

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Scholarship+Intern for EasternEuropean Students in Germany

от Jantex » Пет Фев 27, 2009 2:35 pm

Dear Sir or Madam,

Copernicus is a registered student society, that offers every semester
about 10 scholarships to eastern and central European undergraduate
students (including the states of the former Soviet Union) from the
fields of law sciences, economic sciences and social sciences.

The students within our scholarship programme will attend lessons at
the universities of Munich or Berlin for one summer or winter
semester. After the lectures season, the scholars will attend an
internship in a German company or in a public institution for two

The scholarship includes accommodation and a monthly grant for the
living costs and also covers the costs for medical insurance and
travel expenses.

We would like to invite students from all eastern and central European
countries to apply to our scholarship programme. Therefore we would be
grateful if you could support us in informing new applicants by
publishing the enclosed poster at your institution.

Sincerely yours,

i.A. Guarani de Morais
Copernicus e.V.
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